Overcoming Triathlon Injuries

Facing reality: Injuries happen!

There are two types of triathletes: Those who have been injured, and those who will be. There’s no doubt that training for triathlon is intensive, and common injuries have the ability to sideline you for days, weeks or months.

Just check out this Active.com article by Ryan Wood called “7 Embarrassing Triathlon Injuries” — from clipless pedal falls to distractions while running, it outlines some common blunders — and how you can be better prepared.

Also check out: Injury Prevention Advice from Professional Triathletes – via Triathlete

The recovery process

Depending on the injury, the road to recovery can be riddled with many challenges. Recently, professional triathlete Jesse Thomas was diagnosed with a stress fracture that required surgery. As a contributor to Triathlete, he published an article called, “So Your Triathlon Season is Over,” which outlines his 8 steps to overcoming an injury — a great read! Check it out here — and pass it along to someone else who can use it!

Do you have your own triathlon injury story?

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