Independent Review: The Kayak Ergometer

The Kayak Ergometer by Vasa

Inside Out by Tim Shuff, Adventure Kayak Magazine, Summer 2010

As fall gels into winter, most of us in northern latitudes garage our kayaks and take our paddling muscles to the gym or rest them on the sofa until spring. A kayak ergometer lets us in on a training secret that rowers have known for a long time: a sport-specific workout that you can do at home year-round.

Last winter we test paddled the Vasa Kayak Ergometer. The Vasa is a high-calibre training tool originally designed for swimmers. The core of the unit is a flywheel fan that provides a smooth, steady and adjustable resistance.

Two cords attach to the flywheel, via pulleys on the top of the machine, to either end of a kayak paddle shaft. The paddler sits on a bench mounted on a monorail extending from the power unit.

Paddling the Vasa feels almost exactly like kayaking, minus the boat movement… >> Read the full article

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