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How To Improve Swim-Specific Strength With Dryland Training

Vasa Lane 9 dryland swim training workouts with Coach Dan Daly


This swimming dryland training workout will improve your Strength for all four swimming strokes – Freestyle, Butterfly, Breaststroke, and Backstroke.  This circuit has five exercises, and takes about 20 minutes, depending on how many sets and repetitions you choose.  The workout was designed to use a Vasa SwimErg.  However, you can use a Vasa Trainer Pro or Vasa Swim Cords to substitute the swim-specific pulling exercises.

NOTE: The STRENGTH circuit is workout #2 of a three-part series of swimming dryland workouts designed to increase power, strength, and endurance.

Warm-up: Swim-Specific Strength, Power, and Endurance

Perform these warm-up (WU1-WU5 ) exercises in order and back to back. Rest for 2 – 5 minutes before beginning Circuit #2.Warm UP

Circuit #2 – Swim-Specific Strength (3 – 6 SETS)

Perform the swim-specific strength circuit #2 exercises (2A-2E) back to back, rest 2-3min, then repeat for 3-6 sets based on your fitness, training cycle, or available time.

circuit 2

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About Dan Daly

Dan Daly is a well-respected coach, and we are privileged to have him as a vital part of the Vasa community.  He has contributed useful dryland for swimmers’ workout and technique videos, which you can find in our Video Library.

Swim Power Strength and Endurance workoutDaly Daly, CSCS
Dryland Strength & Conditioning Coach