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Quick Overview

Build a stronger, better paddling stroke.

  • Increase Power & Strength
  • Measure Performance
  • Build Endurance

Vasa Training Tools come with a 90-Day improvement guarantee and a lifetime warranty!


Maximize paddling-specific power, speed and stamina while off the water. Time saving training at the club or in your own home.

The Vasa Kayak Ergometer is the ultimate paddling machine for improving endurance and sustained power.

Get outstanding results for developing paddle-specific strength. Its variable wind resistance system replicates the realistic feeling of paddling on water with accurate feedback to develop sustained paddling power, speed and endurance. With over 50 exercises, you can train for your paddling season, measure performance and prove your improvement with the Power Meter's reliable, repeatable metrics. Try it for 3 months, risk-free—your improvement will be dramatic.

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Introduction to the Vasa Kayak Ergometer

The Vasa Kayak Ergometer is the paddle machine of choice for top amateur and professional athletes and renowned coaches around the globe. It will help you reach maximum levels of fitness and success with these features:

  • Uniquely realistic simulation of paddling on water
  • Adjust airflow resistance with 7 settings
  • Precision drive shaft, fan flywheel and bearings for smooth and quiet action
  • Rugged tubular steel frame coated with a durable baked-on epoxy finish
  • Comfortable, realistic kayak seat and lightweight paddle shaft
  • Sturdy foot brace adjusts easily for quick changes between athletes
  • Versatile - use it for kayak, canoe, dragon boat or SUP training.


SUP Paddlers

The Vasa SUP Ergometer is now available in a space saving wall-mounted configuration.

Power Meter

Ergometer Display

The Vasa Power Meter provides instant feedback on your performance. You can measure time, distance, pace, stroke rate, and Right / Left side power (watts). Having this information allows you to:

Special Functions:

  • Pre-set Distance
  • Monitor Clock
  • Tempo Beeper
  • Pre-set Intervals
  • Split Times
  • Workout Review
  • Odometer
  • Measure effectiveness of training
  • Create repeatable performance testing
  • Set up power-based workouts
  • Perform intervals or distance training
  • Simulate races & time trials
  • Measure right and left arm power balance
  • Stay motivated, train smarter and have fun!

Power Meter options

Provides precise, real-time data on the LCD screen only.  Track your daily and cumulative workouts manually to evaluate overall performance gains.

If you purchase an Erg without a Power Meter, it's easy to upgrade later with the Electronics Upgrade Kit.


Questions? Contact us: 1-800-488-8272

Make sure you have everything you need for your training with Ergometer Accessories.

Your 90-day improvement guarantee

It takes more than a week of training to realistically achieve improvements. We want you to train with your new Vasa Kayak Ergometer at your convenience for three months. If you find it’s not precisely what you’ve been looking for, we’ll refund the full purchase price—no questions asked. You will be responsible only for shipping charges.

Take the challenge and discover for yourself how Vasa will improve your performance.

Learn more about the Improvement Guarantee.

Lifetime Warranty

Vasa training tools are guaranteed against all defects in materials and workmanship for as long as you own them. Vasa will repair or replace free of charge any part found to be defective. This guarantee is valid only when accompanied by dated proof of purchase.

See our Warranty Limitations.

What Olympians, professional and top collegiate champs are saying:


Stephen Regenold, GearJunkie.com

“The machine mimics the kayaking experience better than anything I have tried. My strengthened abs, shoulders and arms are testimony to the Ergometer’s efficiency in whipping a body into paddling shape. In three months so far, the Vasa Kayak Ergometer has made me a significantly stronger paddler. I feel fit and ready for my big race in February, where we’ll face hours of paddling in some of the most remote waters in the world. Patagonia here I come!”


Sea Kayaker Magazine Logo

Christopher Cunningham, Sea Kayaker Magazine

Read full Product Review

“I've owned the Vasa Ergometer for two years now. I initially bought it for the swim training, however, my emphasis has been adventure racing and the addition of the Kayak attachment has aided in my tremendous improvement in my paddling strength and endurance. I'm amazed at the feel of the Vasa to actual paddling. Living in the northeast can limit the time out on the water, but with the Vasa I'm able to maintain my training and prepare for early season races. I would say the Vasa Erg is one of the most important training tools I own.”

Physical Therapist & adventure racer Peter Spagnoli

“I have been using the Vasa Kayak Ergometer for 2 winters to replace paddling when the local waters freeze; I can say that it keeps me in good enough condition that I am able to get back to my fall best times in just a few short weeks. My son-in-law and I use the Vasa at least 3 or 4 times per week each and after 2 winters of use we have had no problems and there are so far no signs of wear. This machine really gives a good workout and I never feel it lacking in any way. I always feel I am better conditioned than my usual competition in the early spring races. I would highly recommend the Vasa to anyone looking to maintain kayaking fitness or just wanting a good winter workout. The folks at Vasa are great to work with and sent me a better suited seat in the beginning when I felt the usual seat did not work for me.”

paddler Rich B

“I have had the Vasa Ergometer for over one year now. I drove down to Vermont from Montreal to test it first and had the opportunity to meet Rob and his staff. I found them to be very personable and passionate about the product. Rob has also been receptive to subsequent feedback relating to potential improvements. I live only 5km from the river but taking into consideration the time needed to take my kayak out of the shed, tie it on, untie it and repeat it after a paddle, I save myself about 40 minutes each night by jumping on the Vasa in the basement. I also found the swim option last winter gave me a good workout of different muscle groups... and the chance to compare best times on the internet over different distances is addictive!”

paddler Dave Joblin

Find customer tips & results, sport-specific workouts and more in our Training Resources section >


Best Uses: Endurance, Anaerobic Power, Technique, Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation

Resistance: Airflow Flywheel with 7 settings

Measurements - assembled: 8′6″ × 28″ × 32″ (259cm × 71cm × 81cm) - L×W×H

Weight: 78 lbs. (35 kg)

Space needed - assembled: 10′ × 4′ (305cm × 122cm) - L × W

Frame: Epoxy Coated Steel

Monorail: Anodized Aluminum Extrusion

K1 Racing Seat: Molded Racing Seat mounted to Epoxy Coated Steel Bracket; 11.5" × 11.5" ×  8" (29cm × 29cm ×20cm) - L×W×H

Power Meter (optional)*: Includes (2) AA batteries

*Note: If you purchase a Vasa Kayak Ergometer without a Power Meter, it's easy to upgrade later. Learn more here.

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Return policy

Vasa has a 90-Day Improvement Guarantee. If you don’t see a performance improvement in three months, or if you find it's not precisely what you've been looking for, we'll refund the full purchase price—no questions asked. You will be responsible only for shipping charges.

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