Vasa - Don’t just survive the swim. Crush itVasa- Train consistently swim at homeVasa- Have strength and confidence when you need it

The Vasa Swim Erg will push you to your best!

Vasa Ergometer

Designed to help you:

  • Increase Speed
  • Measure performance
  • build endurance

The Vasa Swim Ergometer excels at building swim-specific endurance. Its variable airflow wind resistance system accurately replicates the feeling of swimming in the water, and its precise Power Meter measures time, distance, pace, power in watts, and more. The Vasa Ergometer will be your best workout outside the water.

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Time-Crunched? Want a better triathlon swim? Here's a proven way to improve your freestyle swimming strength, stamina, and confidence.

Every triathlete wants high quality, time-efficient, and convenient swim training. The Vasa Swim Ergometer gives the results you need while training at home or club, on your own terms, outside of the pool. Like using a bike trainer or treadmill, focused workouts on a Vasa swim training machine improves sport-specific endurance, sustained power, and freestyle technique. You'll be surprised by how easily Vasa training transfers to swimming better, more confidently in the pool and open water.

Proper use of the Vasa Swim Erg will make you more productive while transforming you into a stronger, more efficient swimmer. It relieves the inconvenience of commuting to a pool with crowded lanes, unpredictable hours, or unfavorable conditions. Swim at home for 1, 2 or 3 workouts per week... You'll get a lot done in less time. When you train for 3 sports, time is everything...and this is a great way to make the most of your precious time. And you might just swim fast, too.

The Vasa Swim Ergometer is engineered to last a lifetime. Other than regular cleaning, they require very little maintenance—all of which can easily be performed using basic hand tools. Of course, you’re not alone when you purchase a Vasa. Our Customer Service and Technical Support are legendary in the industry.

Made in the USA  //  Guaranteed for life


“Shoemaker's Secret Weapon”

Kevin MacKinnon, Triathlon Magazine Canada

“For dryland swim training to perfect my stroke, increase my strength, and build my endurance, I use the Vasa Trainer. Its unique design and smooth action provides exactly the right swim-specific training I need in less training time. I've tried all types of machines and devices, including others claiming to duplicate swimming. Nothing even comes close to the Vasa Trainer's effectiveness and value. The Vasa Trainer is absolutely essential for all triathletes and swimmers who want to swim faster. It is the best swim bench available.”

legendary 6x winner of Ironman world championships & triathlon coach Dave Scott