Vasa- Take it to the next level.Vasa- Elevate your training.Vasa- For the strength and speed you need

Which Vasa will help you reach your best?

Vasa Trainer

Designed to help you:

  • Build Swim-specific Strength
  • Develop a perfect pull
  • Gain powerful starts & turns

The Vasa Trainer is best for rapidly building swim-specific and total body strength. With over 200 functional exercise choices, this swim trainer is unrivaled in versatility, durability and value. It’ll be your best swim outside the water.

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Vasa Ergometer

Made to allow you to:

  • Improve stroke efficiency
  • Measure power & performance
  • Build specific power & endurance

The Vasa Swim Ergometer excels at building swim-specific endurance. Its variable airflow wind resistance system accurately replicates the feeling of swimming in the water, all the while monitoring your training progress.

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If you're "just swimming," your training may be missing a key ingredient.

Proper use of a Vasa swim bench will build strength and power in movements very specific to swimming that are difficult to gain any other way. Known by many as the ultimate swim training machines, the Vasa Trainer and Vasa Swim Ergometer provide exactly the right tool to increase swim-specific strength and power. This is because dry land swim training on a Vasa stimulates the muscles’ structural and functional changes required to swim faster and more efficiently.

The frame of the Trainer and the Erg provides a biomechanical advantage for swim-specific workouts unlike any other swim training method. The Erg’s Power Meter allows athletes to replicate training sessions and do the exact wattages and stroke rates required for successful swimming.

Vasa empowers you to train on your schedule at home or at the club, regardless of pool availability. You'll be delighted by the smooth, realistic feel of the Vasa Ergometer. And the versatility of the Vasa Trainer is unsurpassed, giving you a multitude of training options.

Every Vasa product has been engineered to withstand heavy use by elite swimming programs worldwide. They require very little maintenance, all of which can easily be performed using basic hand tools. Plus, our legendary Customer Service and Technical Support teams are always on hand to assist.

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“Using the Vasa Trainer to become a smarter and stronger swimmer”

Coach Matt Kredich, American Swimming Coaches Association Magazine

“I've noticed a considerable difference in my power and stamina since incorporating Vasa machines into my training. They've become an indispensable training tool for me and I am looking forward to working with them in the future."

Olympic Open Water Swimmer Alex Meyer