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Which Vasa machine will push your athletes to their best?

Vasa Trainer

Designed to help you:

  • Build Swim-specific Strength
  • Perfect technique
  • Develop core power

The Vasa Trainer is best suited for rapidly building swim and total body strength. With over 200 functional exercise choices, including the ability to train for all four strokes, this swim trainer is unrivaled in versatility, durability and value.

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Vasa Ergometer

Made to allow you to:

  • Increase speed
  • Measure performance
  • Build endurance

The Swim Ergometer excels at building swim-specific endurance and provides digital monitoring to measure progress toward your athletes’ goals. Its variable airflow wind resistance system accurately replicates the feeling of swimming in the water.

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From building swim-specific strength and correcting stroke technique, to recovering from injuries, Vasa has the right tools to help you coach better.

Swim coaches tell us they look for tools that help their athletes develop their stroke technique and at the same time, build strength in their swim-specific muscle groups. While some other tools come close, none can replace the versatility and effectiveness of Vasa’s swim benches and ergometers. Three quarters of all swim team members selected for the 1996, 2000, 2004 and 2008 US Olympic teams train on Vasa equipment.

As a coach, you know that poolside environments are harsh and corrosive. Vasa equipment is specifically engineered to hold up under extreme conditions and continual use. Properly cared for, these machines will help your team grow stronger season after season. Check out the two models below to see which best fits your team’s needs.

Every Vasa product has been engineered to withstand heavy use by elite swimming programs worldwide. They require very little maintenance, all of which can easily be performed using basic hand tools. Plus, our legendary Customer Service and Technical Support teams are always on hand to assist.

Made in the USA  //  Guaranteed for life


“Using the Vasa Trainer to become a smarter and stronger swimmer”

Coach Matt Kredich, American Swimming Coaches Association Magazine

“I am a strong proponent of the use of swim trainers, specifically the Vasa Trainer swim bench as a multidimensional tool for helping to develop swimmers. I have been using them to train swimmers for 21 years, and have seen two significant benefits: one in the specific strength of the swimmers’ pull, and the second in the understanding of proper swimming mechanics that comes from doing things the right way on the Vasa.”

Head Swimming Coach, University of Tennessee Matt Kredich